Van Damme’s Vet Adventures

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Malawi
21st March, 2009

Spent the day filming in a village on the outskirts of Lilongwe to highlight the good work that the LSPCA and RSPCA International perform. The day was great in terms of filming. However, a dog died during Luke’s first spay operation of the day – a procedure that he has performed hundreds of times before.

It was a big downer and raised questions in my head over the brevity of life. Humans are animals at the end of the day and we could be gone like that. For me personally it was extremely difficult to film Luke talking about the death of the dog, but I also think that it is essential to show both the good times and the bad.

On a completely separate note the crew (and I grudgingly include Luke Gamble in this category) were all given nicknames by the kids in the community. It started when they kept on chanting “Chucky! Chucky!” every time Marc walked past. When he asked them what they meant, he got the answer that they thought he was Chuck Norris. I never realised that I’ve been working with Chuck Norris. How lucky am I? Then they started going around the rest of the crew giving us names. So I’m hoping the credits will be listed as follows:

Marc “Chuck Norris” Rowedder
Adam “Rambo” Docker
Nathan “Bruce Lee” Carr
Luke “Jean Claude – the muscles from Brussels – Van Damme” Gamble

I somehow think that’s a bit long to put in the title though…

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