Tongue of fire

by Luke, in Zambia
24th September, 2009

We visited a desperate farming community today on the outskirts of Lusaka. To say it was grim would be an understatement – rubbish covered half the enclosures and whilst the calves, goats and pigs didn’t actually look too bad, the husbandry was a big issue. It was great to give all the animals some water – and they went mad for it – but what was really worthwhile was that all the children came over and started to clear up all the rubbish. Even the duck pong got some water put in it! Sue and her team are going to keep an eye on things and ensure that the farm does pick up and the changes we made get improved on, otherwise the animals will only get looked after for a few days!

Checked a couple of Sue’s animals over for her and then we did a few shots of driving through town. Tried to get parrots off a street trader but didn’t manage it, got a bit ugly – he threatened Nick with some African Magic and a blade so not such a positive result as yesterday. Everyone in good spirits but bizarrely I’ve had an outbreak of ulcers over my tongue and during the course of the day about ten have sprung up. It means I’m speaking with a very special sort of lisp which is a bit of concern for the camera pieces! Fingers crossed it settles down by tomorrow as it’s a bit sore but I think it must be an allergic reaction to something (can’t imagine what but I feel fine in myself) so should hopefully clear up fairly soon.

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