The Newbie

by Chris the Assistant Producer, in Costa Rica
2nd January, 2010

So this is my first ever overseas shoot, and the last shoot of the series for the rest of the crew. I shall be taking the role of Nathan, I agree with Luke, big shoes to fill! He’s given me a good brief of what I shall be doing so I’m all set and raring to go. I’m all a tad excited to experience working and exploring a country such as Costa Rica. Still unsure of what to expect and what I’m going to see, making it truly an adventure.

Getting onto the plane to depart from London, Luke seemed eager to sit next to me, of course I was only happy to oblige. I had only met Mr. Gamble in person a very brief couple of times in the production office, so the long flight ahead seemed a good opportunity for me to get to know the vet. Some, lets say interesting conversations and facts were exchanged, a fountain of knowledge he would have me believe….

I don’t think any of us were deeply impressed with the flight. I had my suspicions about the airline, and they were well surpassed. A 17 hour flight with near enough no service and serious lack of on board entertainment…. need I say more. Although a somewhat uncomfortable start, I wasn’t going to let that deflate my excitement for the next 10 days of adventures!

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