The Need for Speed

by Luke, in Zambia
1st October, 2009

Adam made it very clear I wasn’t to make any quips today or do anything that could delay the helicopter. Tough one because I was feeling hilarious. The morning game drive revealed plenty more Tetse flies and several fish eagles, but that was about it. Apparently there were some wildebeest and zebra on the horizon but they could have been pretty much anything considering they were so far away. My money is on James having duped us all into visiting the only African National Park that rates a pelican as its most dangerous resident.


The helicopter shoot was a big deal. A lot of pressure to get it right and it involved James and I charging about in the four wheel drive under the direction of a moderately stressed production team. A slight technical hitch with the main helicopter camera didn’t help but we finally found something larger than a pelican and drove straight into the middle of about 150 elephants. The helicopter missed this of course but luckily James was totally reassured throughout as I was behind the wheel and have been on a safari before when on honeymoon Loaded with experience to deal with virtually any situation in the African bush, James whispered to me that he had a feeling of disquiet about our predicament. Thankfully I’ve also played the Need for Speed once and we made it out just fine. Got to be in it to win it.

Elephants galore – we also got charged by a lone male elephant (we had a proper driver during this bit which was a relief) – spectacular. It was only a warning – something to do with the ears sticking out apparently. James is a specialist in ears and trunks.

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