The Flight!

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Nepal
23rd November, 2009

So the day of the flight arrived and I was absolutely petrified. The flight was very early in the morning and for this reason we were all very tired, waking up at 5am. I was sitting in the departure lounge looking tired and trying to put the flight to the back of my mind when the guys came up with my Nepalese name, Sloth, because I looked like a sloth with little sleepy eyes and curled in arms. It runs in complete contradiction to my energetic display from yesterday, but all in all it’s probably quite apt. And sloths are also my favourite creature so I’m pretty happy.
The plane was worse than I hoped – it looked like it had been built by the Wright Brothers. But we arrived safely in Jomsom and it was actually an absolutely stunning flight with the mountains looming above us. The landing came upon us pretty quickly, but the pilot had it in control and we touched down smoothly. The only problem now is that we have to fly back in a couple of days. Oh no…

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