The Big Exam!

by Luke, in Costa Rica
3rd January, 2010

Before I can practice as a vet in Costa Rica and work with the charities here, I have to undergo a mandatory training programme on advanced spay and neuter techniques. It’s a bit like resitting my finals again – 11 years later – and I need to get my stripes so the Costa Rican veterinary authorities can be sure I am up to the job. Bit of a trek to get to the training centre but it should be really interesting as apparently they practice a very different technique to the one I am used to – so fingers crossed I pass the exam! The training programme is being run at a big shelter at the top of an inactive volcano – amazing drive but the road is ‘extreme’ (as Simon would say) and the car took a heck of a battering on the way up. Great views and look forward to what’s in store tomorrow. I’m being trained up by the head vet of the McKee foundation so no messing about there and the spotlight will be on. Apparently this vet can spay 100 dogs a day (which is a lot) and he averages four minutes an operation from opening incision to final suture. If it is true, he will beat my Indian friend who currently holds the record at seven minutes 17 seconds and even more impressive is that this vet apparently has no assistants during the operation.

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