Last day at the shelter

by Luke, in Thailand
31st August, 2009

Last day of the shoot. The puppy is looking a bit brighter so fingers crossed and it’s not in any pain so time will tell after a few days. We also let Magnum out of the enclosure which was brilliant – he was very happy and looks great. Leaving the shelter this morning was sad – I feel part of the team and a bit like I am abandoning them as I really would like to do more to help out. I know they will be fine though – they are a strong and dedicated bunch and their tireless, selfless compassion for the work has been inspirational. It’s been a great trip and a privilege to have worked at the Care for Dogs shelter. Definitely a very worthy cause and one which WVS will do our best to support.

Just building up the epic flight home now as I pack my bags and get ready. Can’t wait to get home and see the family but I do have to say that the staff at the Veranda Hotel here have done their best to make us all feel as welcome as possible throughout our visit here, so a big thanks to them. I think I have time for one last traditional Thai cheeseburger…

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