Tengo Sueño!

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Mexico
31st July, 2009

Mexico is one hot country. The sun has been relentless on this trip and I’m sure the crew and myself have all suffered from heatstroke at some point along the way. We’re all burnt to a cinder and the dark skin on my arms is beginning to peel away – I’m a bit afraid that it will all come off by the time I get back to the UK and I’ll be as white as a ghost.

Today is going to be another tough one. With only 24 hours left in Mexico we still have a lot to film (shots of Luke driving, introduction to the sanctuary and beautiful Mexican landscapes/hustle and bustle of the city). And that’s not to mention that a helicopter has arrived to get some aerial shots. Marc is running all over the place like a lunatic, Luke is feeling tired (although I’m sure he’ll deny this), Scott is fiddling with the camera and Julien (the Executive Producer) has arrived in the helicopter looking like a character from Miami Vice.
I haven’t written on the blog for a few days as we’ve been as busy as a bee in a greenhouse full of daisies. From the last time I wrote we’ve helped a poor farmer with starving cattle, thrown Luke in a well with leeches, drove 4 hours into the mountains to not film some bats (we did film some snakes though) and almost boil in the Mexican summer, and return the cat with the tumour to her owner.

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