Sloth Poo

by Adam the Cameraman, in Costa Rica
5th January, 2010

Filming a baby sloth being taught how to do its first ever poo is exhilarating enough, but when the person teaching it is Luke it makes for great TV!!

We had stayed the night at the Blue Monkey lodge in Manuel Antonio, about 10kms outside of the town of Queso. A lovely place with lots of character and great food!!

Refreshed from yesterday’s driving we headed off to Kids Saving The Rain forest, a small sanctuary helping poached and rescued sloths, monkeys, raccoons and birds.

Pia who is the resident vet at the sanctuary is adorable and was superb in front of camera. We did a great interview with her talking and showing us these two adorable baby sloths. One was a two toed sloth, it was tiny, not as hairy as the other more renowned three toed sloth, which was going through a bout of pneumonia,

Pia took the three toed sloth to do its weekly pee and poo by a little tree. She showed Luke how to perform the operation, which wasn’t as simple as just putting it there. It required dexterity and agility as the sloth grappled on to the hand while Pia maneuvered this way and then that way, doing a little dance, stimulating the sloths backside on the ground (I think) and just waiting for something to happen. It did, it peed. Unfortunately it didn’t do the number two, so she put it back in its little box and then took the two toed sloth, handed him to Luke and told him to have a go by the same tree.

Guffawing and abashed, Luke took to the challenge; went over to little tree, put the tiny little thing in his hand and did the merry little dance around the base of the tree, (I have just realized that what i have written can be seriously misconstrued!!!!)

To everyone’s delight the little sloth did a big poo, the size of a pebblestone, great stuff. Luke’s handy work did its magic. Pia was more ecstatic as it was the little sloths first time it had a done a poo at the sanctuary.

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