Ride in the Pontiac

by Luke, in Mexico
31st July, 2009

Things took a turn for the surreal today as another cameraman and Jules (Executive Producer) flew out with a helicopter to do aerial shots. It was excellent driving along being buzzed from above. Very James Bond – except for the shorts, physique, fact I’m a vet and I was limited to going to 50km an hour in a not too special drak green hire truck. I did get a quick five minute ride in the helicopter with Lupe which was great fun and very nice of Jules and Marc to sortas we were incredibly tight on time; but I have to say the highlight of the day was a ride in Pablo’s Pontiac! What a great car! It’s definitely been a trip of new experiences this one!

Big news of note was that we recovered Scot’s bag from the mountains that we left behind (huge relief as it contained all his personal gear). I did a few more driving shots, couple of treatments at the shelter and at the end of the day there was a big formal dinner which Marc and me went to. Scot and Nathan headed back to base to compile a list of last minute shots we needed on our last day and get all the tapes sorted out.

The formal dinner was hilarious – there was some sort of misunderstanding that meant everyone thought we would be filming so a string of traditional craftsmen and women lined up to be interviewed by us! I then had to give a speech about our trip to approx 50 or so governors and officials which turned into a bit of a joke for everyone listening because although Alberto did a magnificent job in translating my ramblings 99% of the time correctly, he confused the word tourist with terrorist which got a bit of a reaction from the local tourist board when I informed them to prepare for the forthcoming influx of terrorists to the area.

There was some great traditional dancing and as normal our Mexican hosts were generous and polite so although a bit of a stretch at the end of an epic day, it was a great last full day to a brilliant trip.

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