Nudity wins

by Luke, in Thailand
23rd August, 2009

Instead of me checking out – the hotel have taken steps to remove the nudist from room 302. I found out this morning that we have all been upgraded free of charge. Our rooms are now well out of view from the main dining area and we’re all convinced this has something to do with my nocturnal antics in the window.

No complaints though and it shows a little flashing can get you a long way. This room is amazing – it has a plunge pool outside which is simply incredible. Just as well because today was hardcore. Very enjoyable but also fairly epic. I had the chance to operate on the paw of a dog that has been in a buster collar and hopping on three legs for the last nine months. I really hope I have got him sorted out because it’s his only chance to get sorted and stand a chance of being rehomed.
The shelter is wonderful and the efforts of the staff are tremendous but there is no escaping the fact that the place is a bit overcrowded and there are sometimes issues that accompany that sort of problem. I very much want to help this shelter and they are facing a lot of challenges. They simply need to be able to rehome more dogs and get more support for more staff and better facilities.

Karin is being amazing and is working incredibly hard, especially considering that she also has an eleven month old baby to take care of, Emma is working all the hours possible and seems very selfless in her graft and Ally is simply brilliant. Without Ally we would be really stuck for our planning and her support and commitment to the cause is simply inspiring. She spent all day today getting the heartworm dog sorted out and I really admire her for her strength of character and passion for helping the shelter.

The other big op today was an entropion and fingers crossed they all do well and I’ve taken enough skin off for that to be a success. Bruce is very happy because I said something about banana fingers today which has kept him chuckling for the last few hours. In response it is only fitting I let you know his Thai name for this trip is Chai. He believes it means man – but it actually means boy which is close.