Marc’s big move to save the planet

by Luke, in Costa Rica
11th January, 2010

I forgot to metion during yesterday’s excitement that Marc has been making his stand to save the planet. This involved going to the management at the hotel we were staying at and asking them not to clean his room, make his bed or do his washing. Trip ten in the series, three days before the end, definitley caught the rest of us a little by surprise – but there was more in store – because returning last night I discovered that luckily my room hadn;t been touched either. So I also score some points on the saving the planet stakes. The downside is that three local Costa Rican ladies have now lost their jobs and a huge pile of my damp washing (complete with all sorts of muck from the pig op and assorted other animal related activities) could accompany us in the 30degree heat in the car for our nine hour drive today – not my fault. Marc is just really lucky that none of us like to make a fuss and I certainly haven;t gone on about it hardly at all. Quiet as a mouse (sort of).


We didn’t make it to Limon – weather is horrednous and some of the roads have been closed. Big disappointment as the sloth sanctuary would have been lovely to visit, but we can;t risk being stranded. So we stopped this evening in San Jose and are going to head to a suitable place for the closing piece to camera tomorrow and pick up some general shots of Costa Rica. I’m also going to try to get some washing done without telling Marc.

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