Magnum’s Paw

by Luke, in Thailand
28th August, 2009

Up to the temple crack of dawn for a few general shots for the programme. It is an amazing temple, perched on the side of a big mountain overlooking Chiang Mai and although a bit overcast, it was a great visit. I like Buddhist temples and although extremely tourist focused, it was magnificent. Then back to the shelter to crack on with the business at hand.
Desperately frustratingly, Magnum’s paw had broken down again overnight. In the space of twelve hours it had completely come apart. I am close to despair about this poor dog’s wound and I knocked him out again and did the job again. I simply can’t take anymore tissue away – I went right to the bone and resected everything that looked remotely necrotic or inflamed. I just pray it was enough. My main worry is a super infection, after nine months of endless antibiotics and failed dressings, it’s proving a huge challenge to get right. If this doesn’t knit together my options are very limited.

The other poor dog which I mentioned yesterday and which had been dropped at the shelter had its eye removed and a horrendous ingrown dew claw cut off. It was crawling in lice as well so in a couple of days it should feel like a new animal. Very satisfying and I needed a case like that after Magnums paw.

Chai spent the day editing at the hotel so didn;t join us for thr hardcore ops nor the GV’s. This may explain why he has gone out clubbing with the Thai film crew and why I’m in the hotel writing this blog at 1am…

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