Luxury Toilet Paper

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Uganda
11th December, 2009

Today has been great as we filmed white rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. It was amazing to watch a baby rhino (the second born in Uganda in over 20 years) suckling up to his mother and the head ranger admitted to me afterward that he had never seen this before so it was very special for him too. There have been some amazing moments on this series and this definitely ranks up there. I would also highly recommend anyone to pay a visit to the rhino sanctuary as the staff are extremely friendly and the sight of seeing one of these creatures is awe inspiring and also could soon be a fragment of the past if the poachers get their way.
Following our morning filming of the rhinos we endured an eight hour drive west towards the gorilla trekking, which will happen in a couple of days. Adam deserves all the praise for getting us to our over night stop off point safely and this was coupled with the fact that he worked like a trooper (as always) this morning. And whilst driving he had to endure Mr Gamble jabbering away to him and taking pictures of every digger we passed, which was a lot. Tomorrow we have another 6 hour drive until we finally reach our hotel for the gorillas.

I’m writing this from our overnight hotel and it is possible the worst place I have ever stayed in. Luke found a very informative leaflet on AIDS related cancers that are common in Uganda in his room (a great night time read apparently) and the irony of the “luxury toilet paper” in my bathroom didn’t pass me by – it was more like sand paper for smoothing cement. Can’t wait to move on tomorrow.

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