Lupe es un hombre!

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Mexico
26th July, 2009

Mexico is an absolutely beautiful country. We spent the day riding into the mountains with traditional Mexican cowboys (vaquero in Spanish). It was absolutely mind blowing. Filming it was a bit of hassle as there was no power supply. The day ended when the batteries died, which I think we were all glad of as the past few days have gone on until after sunset (in Mexico that is 9pm). It’s quite nice to be back at the hotel, have a shower, chill out with a beer and have a look through the footage.

Two days ago we filmed Luke paragliding. It was a long day, but very satisfying. Especially when Luke screamed like a little girl and then promptly threw up over one of the best paraglide pilots in the world. I think he was slightly embarrassed. I managed to go up in the air myself and it was incredible. Seeing Mexico from such a height was a real privilege and I would like to thank Salvador for taking me up there.

On a final note the leader of the Mexican cowboys was called Lupe. He was one of your typical rock hard cowboys – the ones from films were they can open beer bottles just by looking at them. And he was called LUPE! So now I’m quite pleased to be called Lupe. I might even use it myself.

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