Lesson #6: Do not eat aeroplane food!

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Grenada
23rd April, 2009

I’m sitting at Miami airport drinking my coffee and dunkin’ my donut waiting for my flight home. It’s been a good trip with some highs and some lows, but overall I think we’ve pulled off another great programme.

The long trip home hasn’t got off to a particularly great start as we were up at 5am and the “airline” who flew us from Greneda to Miami decided that offering us a complimentary breakfast was too generous a step in these “credit crunch” times. I decided to purchase a sandwich as I was famished, whereas the rest of the crew starved. I wish I had not bothered as for my $6 I received a stale roll with ten slices of processed ham and one slice of rubbery cheese. Yum! I can’t wait to return home and have a nice cup of tea.

On a final note for this trip, and in context of our conservation work with the turtles, I would like to highlight the plight of something that is very dear to me: my name. Luke has continued to call me “Bruce” on this trip and has even gone on to the next step of introducing me to people as “Bruce from Armenia”. This has resulted in most of the people we meet also calling me Bruce. Now Bruce is a lovely name and I don’t want to offend any Bruce’s out there: for example Bruce Forsyth seems like a wonderful person, but it’s not my name. And I’m only part Armenian, not actually from Armenia. Anyway… If you feel that you can help preserve the name Nathan and have some spare time to volunteer your services in this very worthy cause then please contact me and we can start to get a plan of action together.

Save the Nathan NOW!

Nathan’s (Bruce’s) Top Bruce’s
Bruce Lee
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Forsyth
Bruce Springsteen
Fiona Bruce
Bruce Parry
Bruce Almighty
Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Banner (The Hulk)
Bruce Willis
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Grobellar
Robert the Bruce
Bruce The Duck??? (Luke’s suggestion…)
Bruce the Aussie

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