Last Day

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Uganda
17th December, 2009

So, it’s my last shoot day of the whole series and it’s been one hectic ride. Unfortunately I’m going to be back in the office editing during the final trip to Costa Rica so I finish now. First of all I would like to say a big warm thank you to AJ Tours in Uganda who have been tremendous throughout: Pascal, Andrew, Adam and Thierry have been brilliant help to us all and are really amazing people. If you ever venture to Uganda I would highly recommend you contact them.

And all that’s left now is for me to say thank you to all the charities throughout the series. It has been a tremendous experience and one that I will never forget. The first four episodes go out on Sky One on the 28th February and I can’t wait to see them. For all the people reading this blog there is one last wish, and no it’s not about saving my name from the scoundrel that is Mr Luke “the talent” Gamble. It is much more important than that. When you watch the series think about the work that is actually being done by WVS all the time and the support they so desperately need. They help some amazing charities and are doing work that is essential in many countries around the world. I hope that this series inspires people to help animals across the world and become part of something I truly feel is making a difference.

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