La Vida Loca

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Nepal
18th November, 2009

Only two weeks ago I was in Peru sailing down the Amazon and now I’m in Nepal staring up at the majestic Himalayan mountains. What a crazy life…

So we’ve finally arrived in Pokhara – our base for the next ten days – and I can’t wait to begin filming. This trip is going to involve a lot of flying and we had a great 25mins flight this morning from Kathmandu to our destination. It was a bit bumpy but not too bad after I decided to put my ipod on loud and close my eyes. It blurred out the terror of it all.
The worst is to come though, a flight through the mountains to Jomsom. If you do a quick wikipedia search it comes up with the following:

“Jomsom Airport: the most dangerous airport in the world.”

Can’t wait. Apparently (and this is from a more reliable source than wikipedia) the plane can only fly very early in the morning to avoid the wind and when it lands it looks as if it is going to crash into the mountain before tipping over the edge onto the runway. As I said I can’t wait!

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