by Luke, in Nepal
19th November, 2009

Great day – attempted some hardcore healing on a dog we named Jimmy. Not a very Nepalese name but I had an urge and one of the key founders of HART is called Jim. It’s a good name and that’s reason enough. Jimmy underwent epic surgery – about three hours – whilst I tried to reconstruct his neck. Lots of maggots and a horrific wound, I also castrated him so all things considered Jimmy has had rather a lot to cope with today – but either that or he would have had a lingering demise. He is currently sleeping off the anaesthetic and he now has to make it through the night. Fingers crossed. Whatever had caused the wound – he was probably savaged by another dog (although there are attacks on dogs by leopards in the town) he was lucky to be alive when we found him.
Community day this afternoon – vaccinating dogs, and then managed to track down some vincristine so that was a fantastic end to the day. Currently in Pokhara Lakeside Cyber Station courtesy of a few computer issues, so no e-mail access. If anyone happens to be reading this and needs to contact me – best to phone. I’m sure it’ll be cheap.

The other great news is that we are driving around in a truck loaned to us by the head monk from a Buddhist temple up the mountain. We’ve been told that this is great karma so considering the fairly relaxed driving rules in Nepal, we’re all hoping that this means our car might be untouchable and we’ll survive the mean roundabouts of free-for-all Pokhara unscathed…

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