I’ve Touched Luke Gamble

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Malawi
23rd March, 2009

Felt a lot better today. A good nights sleep was all that was needed and a dose of energy tablets from Luke. We spent the day filming in the local communities again working with cattle and livestock.

Great day and really felt like the LSPCA were doing some amazing work. We all got called our new martial arts nicknames again – these kids are crazy. Had a couple of dodgy moments today: Marc drove over someone’s sugar cane stall that was lying by the side of the road and felt the need to pay the owner for the damage he had caused. Big mistake. He then got hustled out of paying even more and all hell broke loose as kids ran in and stole sugar cane. It was pandemonium. Then we stopped about 500 yards down the road to do a piece to camera. Adam stepped out of the car holding the camera and didn’t realize that the sewer was right below him. He fell. The camera fell. And the matte box (the part on the front that holds the filters) broke off. All of them landed in the mud (I’m writing mud, but I believe it consisted of other more interesting substances). Adam was a bit bruised and smelly and the camera was fine.

On a last note: nobody is allowed to touch Luke “van Damme” Gamble. He doesn’t like it. But I’m pretty certain that I brushed past him when putting the radio mic on today…


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