“Indians are the Italians of Asia”

by Marc the Producer, in India
1st June, 2009

I am really looking forward to the India shoot. I am not worried at all as I am sure we will come across great stories in this enchanting, chaotic and beautiful country with it’s eccentric and engaging people. Adam gave me a book last year called Shantaram and it’s still top of my favourites list. For me, it’s a must-read and the author, Gregory David Roberts, sums up the character of India’s people perfectly for me when he wrote:

“… There is so much Italian in Indians, and so much Indian in Italians. They are both people of the Madonna – they demand a Goddess, even if the religion does not provide one. Every man in both countries is a singer when he is happy; and every woman is a dancer when she walks to the shop corner .For them food is music inside the body and music is food inside the heart. The language of India and the language Italy , they make every man a poet and make something beautiful from every banality. These are nations where love –amore, pyaar- makes a cavalier of a Borsalino on a street corner, and makes a princess of a peasant girl , if only for the second that her eyes meet yours.”

Brilliant, love it!

On top of that, my wife, Julia,  is half Indian, half English. Well, she is very much English as she grew up in the UK and went to India for the first time when she was 24. But nevertheless, I have a somewhat special connection to the country now and admire how there is somehow an invisible, unwritten and unspoken structure to what looks to the foreign eye like utter chaos.

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