I forgot…

by Luke, in Nepal
18th November, 2009

I can’t do it; there is simply too much gripping information to report. For example, the boiled eggs I had were cooked to perfection. We also finally made it to Pokhara today. It has been an epic journey, broken up by a night in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, but after a relatively quick light aircraft flight between the mountain peaks of the Himalayas, we have touched down in the enchanting town of Pokhara, home to the newly formed charity Himalayan Animal Rescue Team (HART).

HART are simply great and although we have only just met Juliette (Co Founder with Jim and Barbara) and her local team, I have the feeling it will be a brilliant trip. HART was founded eight months ago in response to a rabies outbreak in the town. It is the only animal charity in the region and being a relatively remote place (Everest is just down the road (ish)) the charity is poised to have a big impact, helping hundreds of animals in the region. The scenery is stunning and for once I am somewhere cool – the temperature is perfect – and I am geared up to get stuck in. In fact I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when work starts properly (only treated one animal today) and we can really get involved. The shelter itself is half way up a snow peaked mountain and looks down on the idyllic town which laces the edge of a beautiful blue lake.

I need to get hold of some vincristine – lot of TVT cases (Transmissible Veneral Tumours) and they have no means to treat them, so that will be a big mission first thing. It is treatable and I want to help them with it. Fingers crossed I can find some. It’s a drug used for treating human cancer so hopefully the private hospital might be able to relinquish a bit.

The team are in good spirits. Simon is standing in for Adam on this one again and it’s good to have him back; Marc and Nathan are both in peak form. Simon is still feeling very extreme post Peru but has a slightly sore eye. He has also only brought three pair shoes for this trip though so definitely cutting back the more ‘extreme’ we get!

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