Hike of power

by Luke, in Nepal
20th November, 2009

Great day – totally action packed. Hardcore healing at the shelter – few cases and then a two hour drive to an area where pack horses are used to hike up and down the mountain side laden with massive packs. It was an amazing setting – huge suspension bridge hanging over a raging river. The pack horses fearless in their crossing of it as we set up a base for treatments. I say horses but they were actually mules – offspring of male donkeys crossed with female horses (hinnys are female donkeys with male horses). Felt very sorry for some of them and we tried to get a bit of education in the mix as well as treatments. It’s a drop in the ocean but hopefully the story of one mule in particular will tell the story of thousands and I hope it makes the programme.
The drive back was terrifying – Marc was behind the wheel (Simon and Nathan were in the truck in front) and our headlights were of questionable use. Sadly we found a calf collapsed by the side of a road half way up a remote mountain. Treated as best we could and the plan is to get up at the crack of dawn and check on it before the action starts. Will keep you posted. As for Jimmy – I’d hate to spoil an advert break for you…

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