by Luke, in Mexico
30th July, 2009

There was a big cause for celebration today as it was the first day of the trip that we managed to get lunch. It was delicious and we had a nice meal with Agatha and her family at the shelter – a chance to sample a tasty Mexican chocolate sauce which I know would have been a big hit back home if I had managed to sneak it into my suitcase. I had a great day because I had a bit of time to crack on with a few of the pets at the shelter that needed some help. Marc got stuck in with me and I also caught Scot on a mission to put some blue spray on a wound he spotted. This vet stuff must be infectious!
mexico_marc and luke
Couple of ops, a sad put to sleep on a little dog with a crushed pelvis, a sick puppy that needed a drip and a few other bits and bobs. Had a lot of fun jumping in the well at the shelter (part of a family tradition!) – very cold and I managed to get a leach on me in no time at all, but fantastic nevertheless.

We had a nice meal to say thank you in the evening and sampled some of Mexico’s finest Tequila courtesy of the manager of the El Diezmo Hotel which was an experience to say the least. It basically strips away the lining of your oesophagus on the way down. Almost there with the trip – will be sad to say goodbye to the family and the animals but can’t wait to get back home and see Cords and Noah. The crew are holding up but it’s been a big trip to say the least!

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