by Luke, in Malawi
13th March, 2009

The flights are now all set for the first dec 30, 2014 – and I leave next Weds! Exciting start – I’m really going into the unknown and have no idea what to expect! Just got to wrap up a few bits at the clinic here in the UK and then it will be time to get organised and start thinking about putting meds and equipment together to take. From the two e-mails I’ve received from the vet at the charity we’re visiting in Malawi he’s a bit short of everything and overloaded with work! Can’t wait to get stuck in, sounds like a worthwhile mission.

Really pleased the first trip got moved forward a week as the timing couldn’t be better – I was worried I’d be leaving Mickey (a client’s cat that got run over and had its pelvis shattered about 10 days ago) with an uncertain prognosis, but I did the final operation on him on Tuesday (little bit of suturing around his back end which was all torn) and amazingly he has taken his first steps and has even urinated by himself! Cats are incredible creatures. I’ll be able to give him a final check on Tuesday and leave with peace of mind that he is hopefully going to be okay.

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