Driving Shots

by Luke, in Uganda
12th December, 2009

The six hour journey took us more like nine – perhaps we were driving like old ladies or something but we had a couple of interludes to film the journey. These are great moments whereby everyone piles out of the truck and I am vaguely instructed to drive over the horizon and then turn around and come back towards camera. I mustn’t look at camera and I have to be just to the left or right of the lens. I also need to make sure there are no cars in front of me or behind me and that I maintain a constant speed throughout the entire stretch of road no matter what traffic lights, roundabouts or bends are in my way. I cannot deviate from my path and slight alteration of the plan will ruin the shot. I also have Marc barking at me down the two way radio in Germanic guttural tones – I am unable to respond on the radio because I then look strange and this also ruins the shot. As you can imagine, these little episodes are stress free and take no time at all to film. We did a lot of them today which may account somewhat for the three hours extra it took us.



The views were simply stunning, we drove right across the Queen Elizabeth Park and saw elephants, buffalo, lots of baboons and monkeys and lush green landscape. Stunning as it was, the arrival at the impenetrable forest in Bwindi takes some beating though – I’m currently in a large tent listening to the rain driving down on the roof – love it. This place has huge amounts of atmosphere and apparently some very large residents I’ll be meeting the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is down as a hardcore community livestock day so providing the rain stops, I should be in for a great time.


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