Deep in the Himalayas

by Luke, in Nepal
23rd November, 2009

A nerve wracking plane ride ascending 4000metres and landing on the edge of a mountain got us in the mood for a hardcore section of the trip. Amazingly there is an old computer with internet in the hostel we’re staying in. I say amazingly because there is also very little hot water – no soap, toilet paper and the room temperature is sub zero, but it does have brilliant food, a great family running it and is soaked in character.

It has also been a great day – I’ve done the first cat spay in a remote mountain village ever which was great – on the roof of a house with the backdrop of snowcapped mountains, the people are super friendly and the scenery spectacular.
Gearing up for the helicopter arriving tomorrow – it can only fly until 11am or the winds get too strong so it promises to be an action packed start to the day.

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