Chris de Burgh

by Luke, in Zambia
28th September, 2009

Turns out our Zambian driver Geoff is a mad fan of Chris de Burgh. This is where Bruce and I split our musical tastes. For some reason Bruce isn’t a fan of the classic ballad. Thankfully I know a lot of the words, so am working on getting Bruce into the zone. The guys are loving this of course.

Nick has found today very stressful, we had some issues getting some permits signed so it meant he had to trawl into the centre of Lusaka and race around after the Director General of the Zambian Wildlife Authority who had gone shopping. Whilst the rest of us shamefully found this mildly amusing, hats off to Nick for sticking with it and tracking his man down – we now have all the permits and letters we could possibly need to delve deep into the depths of the National Park tomorrow.

Aside from the above dramas, there was some TT testing of some vervets and baboons, I castrated a vervet monkey, fed some lions and sexed some feral Serval kittens with Fred which was all pretty exciting. Adam seems happy with the shoot so far which is a winner, and great news that Cherry (the puppy whose eye I removed the other day) is doing really well and is very bright and active.

I would hate to bang on about it, but I may have mentioned I lost a million kwacha yesterday. Just in case anyone had forgotten.

Early start tomorrow so we are stripping down our luggage and getting ready for a bit of light aircraft action to Kafue National Park. Fingers crossed… no e-mail or phone access for a few days apparently so wonder in about a week if I don’t update the blog.

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