Manatees Again!

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Peru
1st November, 2009
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The day of filming the manatees and I got to swim with them once the filming was all done. It was an absolutely brilliant experience and Marc (the producer), Annie (the other vet) and myself could have stayed in there all day. It has been a great trip and venturing down the amazon will stay with me for years to come.

Bags to follow!

by Luke, in Peru
4th November, 2009
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We made it back – about 7 hours of delays and 29 hours of travel, but whose counting. Thankfully two of the eight bags also made it so that only leaves six to follow. Been a brilliant trip, met some great people who have set up some very worthwhile organisations and I look forward to keeping in touch with them and getting some plans in action! Two week breather and then off we go again… just time to get a big firework party organised for Noah!