Bruce hits downtown

by Luke, in Zambia
26th September, 2009

Big day – started off arresting some street traders illegally selling puppies. One of the pups was quite sick from the heat and dehydration but soon perked up when back at the shelter. We had police support which made it easy and the agro was minimal.

We then headed back to the football stadium to help with the big rabies campaign – over 770 dogs were vaccinated by the time we left – I would love to take credit for being a contributing force but it would be a lie. Five vet students from the University of Zambia, led by their Professor, were manning the vaccinating stations and were absolute troopers. I set up to deal with the sick animals and amongst many that needed help, had one small sweet puppy collapsed with tick fever, followed by one with a ripped eye both of which we took back to the shelter. I removed the puppy’s torn eye before we set off to downtown Lusaka by the bus station to film so GVs. A notoriously dangerous part of town, everyone was very friendly- particularly the numerous ladies that lined the side of the road. – Bruce caused quite a stir!

We’ve also changed hotel tonight – Nick has the short straw as he is sharing with me – I’ve told him to beware the sleep walking and talking – we shall see!!

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