Big Op Day

by Luke, in Thailand
24th August, 2009

A big op day today which was great. Had to remove an eye from a very sweet little dog that was having some problems, tumour removal, a few medical cases, some warts, and a pts on a dog with a horrendous anal fistula. True to form the Care for Dogs team have been trying to treat and help this dog but it simply couldn’t be surgically excised and repaired and I had to make the decision. I worked with Soraya a lot today – she is the Thai member of the committee and was very brave helping me remove Billy’s eye. It is a gruesome operation and Billy didn’t have the best ketamine recovery. For the uninitiated it doesn’t get much more hardcore than eye surgery and she was a real help.

Emma stuck with me later this afternoon as we cracked on with a few other cases at the shelter. Poor Emma has had the short straw twice now as the shelter staff are supposed to go home at 5pm and Emma has stayed on and been a great help. It is hard graft at the shelter and they are over loaded with animals but I haven’t heard a single one of them complain about anything. I really enjoy working with such commited people – makes it seem very worthwhile and nice to contribute to their tremendous efforts.

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