by Luke, in India
4th June, 2009

We were all guns blazing today – baking hot and lots of cases. Adam, Marc and Nathan have been charging about filming endless cases – from their point of view it’s incredibly frustrating because its hard to know which cases will make the cut and none of us know what’s going to happen. Carrying all the gear around is no mean feat so they are pretty tired. For me, it’s brilliant to have so much to do but I’m finding it incredibly challenging. I put a cow down to day which was collapsed and toxic. It’s very difficult as although Clementien is incredibly caring and does agree with it in principle, the issue of euthanasia is fairly tricky here. I’m learning a huge amount and a lot of natural remedies which are fascinating. Clementien is self taught in all sorts of techniques and she has had huge experience with the volume of animals coming through the door. The nearest vet is 4 hours drive away so often she is the only port of call for many of the creatures that come to her door. She uses green clay, silver solutions and all sorts of herbs – really interesting.

We treated a bird today I would probably have put down in my clinic back home, it must have weighed about 50grams and would easily fit in the palm of your hand but we had a go and sure enough it has made it so far. It had a ruptured abdomen and huge tears, amazing it survived considering its injuries and I pray it makes a full recovery.

I also was called out by Susie, a visiting Australian and follower of Sai Baba. She came to the shelter to report an injured donkey that couldn’t walk. Once we got to it we had to squeeze it into the back of a motorised three wheeler taxi to get it back to the shelter for treatment!

Really good fun and the donkey seemed to enjoy the ride. Susie was great and it was good to meet her, very interesting life story and she is shortly off to Trinidad to work in an Ashram over there. Interesting the people you meet in these places.

The high point though has to be feeding the bear cubs that Karuna have rescued from a dancing bear troop. They are adorable. I saw them briefly the other day but had some quality time with them tonight, they are all fluff!

Tomorrow off to see some painted storks – one has a broken leg apparently so we will see how that goes. Have to brush up on my avian medicine! Exhausting trip but this is what it’s all about.

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