Banana Fingers

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Thailand
24th August, 2009

Luke is attempting (and I use the word attempting as the imperative word here) to take the series on a new tangent and introduce a hint of humour into the show. This is in the hope that it will make him a real “character” and extend his career in TV – I presume he wants to get an invite onto Have I Got News For You. The only problem is that his comic timing is a little bit amiss; yesterday whilst taking a severely injured dog to be x-rayed he decided it was the right time to make a “funny” comment, claiming that it was “good that somebody else was doing the work for him”. Absolutely “hilarious” I assure you…

And after this he got on a role and has been dishing out lines left, right and centre. My favourite today was his description of his fat fingers whilst doing intricate suturing: “I’ve fingers like bananas”… Yes Luke, your fingers are just like bananas… Ridiculous…

Apart from that it’s been an immensely satisfying day, with some great operations and Luke has worked like a Trojan. It’s just a shame that he’s more Timmy Mallet than Bill Hicks…

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