Back to the Big Freeze…

by Chris the Assistant Producer, in Costa Rica
13th January, 2010

So it’s coming to the end of the trip and what an adventure it has been. Before I head back to all the snow that is currently taking over the UK I thought I would get a last blog entry in. Firstly, it has been great to see Costa Rica, such a lush, colourful scenic country. The best morning coffee. Friendly people, have met some real characters along the way, who I thank for all their hospitality and to keep up the great work that they are doing. Having seen the work that all these people put into maintaining shelter for all these animals really has given me a new admiration to the commitment, hard graft and care that goes into running the shelters and sanctuaries. Plus, the importance of the work that is done, not only for the species of animals, but for the communities also. Luke really gets stuck in with everything he does, you can see just how much the community, and I’m pretty certain the animals themselves, appreciate the work he is doing to help.

All in all, it’s been a great experience, working with the crew and Luke has been a real laugh. Lastly just want to thank the team for giving me this great opportunity to join them on the final shoot of the series. Can’t wait to see the episodes up on the TV screen!!

Now back to that ‘special’ airline…..

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