Back to Pokhara

by Luke, in Nepal
25th November, 2009

Day two of the helicopter shooting and as predicted it was a bit of stress due to complete lack of communication with the aerial camera. However, despite the glitches, I don’t think the aerial shots can disappoint – the landscape is simply stunning and it was a beautiful day so it’s going to be a winner.

The flight back to Pokhara was fairly good – considering the plane takes off the side of a mountain and it literally flies off the end of the runway. One lady (sitting behind Simon thankfully) was throwing up a fair bit, but it wasn’t as turbulent as the flight out and with such dramatic scenery (we flew back over the mountains to get to Pokhara) there wasn’t a dull moment. Once the helicopter was all done and dusted it was back up to the shelter to check on a few animals and one small drama in that a wheel fell off one of the trucks as the front axel snapped. Quite exciting as neither truck has working handbrakes and we were up the top of a very steep hill. All is fine though (lots of boulders handy to act as brakes) and hopefully the truck will be back in action for the final big day tomorrow.

Probably won’t have a chance to update the blog before I am back in the UK as the next few days are action packed – bits to get done tomorrow in the day then flying to Kathmandu tomorrow night, overnight there then on to Doha and then finally back home.

I think the whole team have really enjoyed the trip but with so much travelling it’s been very full on! Will be brilliant to get back and see our respective families and I’m sure we’ll all remember HART with great fondness. I’ve made some more great friends on this trip and am heading back with lots of plans to set up some follow up teams and get these community outreach programmes working really well. If anyone fancies an action packed adventure in Nepal I have the perfect itinerary!

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