by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in India
6th June, 2009

In my previous blog I talked about wonderful creatures and today I spotted another: Ants! Whilst waiting for Luke to recover from his Delhi belly upstairs in the hotel there was a swarm of them devouring a butterfly. They were crawling all over it and I think attempting to carry it back to their hill. I was hoping Luke would swoop down and save the poor thing, but sadly it was already dead…

There was a great bit of surgery this morning as Luke took a horn off a buffalo.

Amazing to watch, although not for the squeamish – there was blood galore as the Indian doctor decided it was a good idea to cut down to the skull, which I’m not too sure Luke was pleased about. But when you’re in someone else’s backyard it’s pretty difficult to argue.

The highlight of the day for Adam must have been his reminiscing about school gymnastics when he balanced on two parallel metal bars to get a shot of the buffalo surgery.

Oh I forgot to mention: Luke bought his second drum of the trip so far! The street sellers love him – following him around everywhere. He couldn’t resist buying it. Obviously one drum isn’t enough…

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