Almost there

by Luke, in Costa Rica
12th January, 2010

We drove back to the Pacific coast today to get a few frinal shots done and the end piece to camera. It has been a day tinged with sadness because we found out two of the dogs we treated the other day – one we didn;t operate on because it was too sick, hasn’t responded to treatment and has had to be taken to the back up vet in Golfito (who was covering for any post op complications after we left) and a Doberman who I operated on and had a slow recovery from the anaesthetic. The surgery went well but she had lots of stones in her faces, was underweight and probably had ehlricia and heartworm. The vet saw her today – couple of days post surgery – and she was very weak and they advised putting her to sleep. Very sad.
There has also just been an earthquake in Haiti and there is a big storm brewing here – the roads around where we were planning to go yesterday are all sealed shut due to the volcano and flooding and it is definitley picking up outside.

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