All Creatures Great and Small

by Marc the Producer, in Mexico
30th July, 2009

The working days are very long and we are on the go about 13-15 hours a day. Everyone has a cracking attitude and wants to get the job done, whatever it takes. Think we got really good stuff, but you never know until you get the footage on a timeline in the edit suite. Though I must say that the tape-less workflow we are using comes very handy as we can edit little clips at the end of the day back at the hotel… if time allows.

There is a pattern emerging on these trips. Luke always cracks on treating animals after we stopped filming and whenever I can I am assisting him. Really enjoying it. My mum would love it. When she was young she used to be a medical assistant for a vet. I grew up watching “All Creatures Great and Small”. The show was a big success in Germany and yes, James Herriot, Siegfried and Tristan were all dubbed.

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