Aerial action

by Luke, in Uganda
16th December, 2009

The big aerial day with David the pilot and David the cameraman. Full on David-David action and they made some magic shots. Adam joined in to direct things and we kick started early hours (luxury 4 hours kip last night) with first a trip to see Angie and her gang at the rhino sanctuary. They took me along for this bit and I then proceeded to stand in the bush about 20metres away from a wild bull rhinoceros as the helicopter flew overhead. As the rhino charged from the bush directly towards me, I turned to see that Godfrey the ranger had promptly left me for dust and Adam has a great shot of me legging it from a clearing as a 2 tonne rhino crashes past. Thankfully the rhino settled down pretty quickly and didn’t seem to mind the helicopter once it got used to the noise and I had no idea I could run at that sort of speed – and neither did anyone else.

Once we had that in the bag, David swooped us back to Kampala, I nipped off in the truck for driving shots and then promptly got lost. An hour and a half later I somehow miraculously managed to find my way back to the hotel in the city centre through rush hour traffic. No idea how that happened but today has been all about my secret powers. Running and driving – all going on here.

The aerial team slipped off to Ngamba to nail some chimp shots of the island and now we are back at base and all looking a touch shabby, except for Nathan who spent the day ‘editing’ in the hotel. Somehow he has that steely glint of alertness that we just can’t seem to shake, no matter how grueling the pace.

I think Marc will now feel a huge weight off his shoulders now it has all come together but breaking news is that one of the dogs we needed to revisit tomorrow has been released, so big drama and that may well sink Marc into a deep depression just when he was almost feeling good. Hopefully a pizza and chips will turn him around – can’t beat good local food.

p.s. still can’t send e-mails – driving us all nuts – can receive them though which is tantalizingly keeping me in touch. Steve, if you happen to read this the key is 1000square meters with outbuildings. I know it is big but I reckon that’s the business. Helen – that is a huge bill, I am crying into my empty bank account. Tess – thanks for getting Lee on the case with those website changes, Khageshwaar – so sorry to hear about the dog, you did all could, re the other one, do the preds every day for a week, then reduce to every other day for a week and then half the dose and do that every other day for a third week then stop. Let me know if there has been any improvement next week, fingers crossed. Mum – looking forward to seeing you on boxing day – going to be great!