Net curtains

by Luke, in Thailand
22nd August, 2009

The Thai people we have met so far have been brilliant people. Big smiles, very calm and although there is a lot of work for organizations such as Care for Dogs to do with regards animal welfare, I’m really enjoying this trip so far.

One very sad case today was a poor dog which had a broken back and an abdominal mass which had to be put down – it was rushed to the shleter as an emergency late last night, I gave it some meds to keep it out of pain and we drove into the city today so we could get some X-rays at a main hospital. It isn’t easy to put things down here as it is a Buddhist dominated society (i.e. if you kill you destroy karma so it is absolutely the very last option). If it wasn’t for the shelter though, that poor dog would have had a very slow death so it is a wonderful resource that they are here,

There are plenty of ops lined up for me tomorrow so it is going to be a big day ahead. We visited a hill community and a temple to get a feel for the work ahead there and I spent some time trying to help a dog with heartworm and a TVT – quite a tricky case.

One big thing I have just realized though is that the net curtains in my room turn out to be completely transparent when it is dark and the light is on in the room. This in itself would be mildly amusing given the fact I have been parading around naked and oblivious for the last two nights – except for the fact that my double windows directly overlook the main hotel dining area – which may explain why it always clears when I go down there. The hotel staff must be in stitches about room 302. Bruce, Scottie and Marc pretty much wet themselves when we realized that I haven’t been drawing the curtains and I have definitely introduced myself to all the hotel guests as you can see completely into my room – including the bath. Wonderful. There should be a sign or something warning you. I plan to check out tomorrow.

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