80s Music

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Malawi
22nd March, 2009

Felt a bit rough today. Think the lack of sleep after the long flight, some dodgy food, dehydration and a combination of malaria tablets, five inoculations the week before and a cold that I never fully recovered from have added up to make me feel very tired. Another good day filming, although quite long – it took us over an hour to film a scene of Luke buying dog food for the three-legged dog that he saved on Friday.

We’re trying to think up names for the dog, which has made a great recovery. Adam wants to call her Diana, Luke wants something like Lucky or Hope in Malawian, but I personally think that she should be called a traditional Malawian canine name: Bruce. They’re all called Bruce, Tiger or Lion out here…

Oh spent a great evening at one of the charity organisers house eating a proper homemade meal and watching the Liver vs Aston game (Marc thinks football team names should be shortened to the beginning of the name???). The evening descended into an 80s music fest though – making me feel quite young amongst these 30 to 40 year-olds…

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