First Shoot…

by Adam the Cameraman, in Malawi
16th March, 2009

Finally we’re off!! Malawi here we come! First shoot of many on what will be an epic series, I promise you… It will have you on the edge of your seats and there will be plenty of squeaky bum moments!

Marc and the production team have already done a lot of pre-production and we have a general idea of what stories await us, but what you can never account for is the unexpected moments and there are going to be plenty of those.

4 hours before departure and I have decided to clear my mind of any thoughts about how we are going to approach any of the filming. You get there and evaluate everything. It is so easy to worry about whether we have enough stories, or what filming style we are going for, or will Luke remember his lines (!!! lol)

I got back late last night having spent a weekend up in Dundee filming a couple of music videos for a Scottish indie band and I am shattered, my bones are aching and I am hoping that the lovely people at British Airways will upgrade us, fingers crossed! It’s an 11 hour flight to Jo’Burg, a three hour transit, followed by another two and a half hour flight up to Lilongwe on South African Airways. All in all 17 hours, give or take, its a long one and I hate flying!

So, what am I expecting… hmmmm. Adventure I suppose!

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