Primate rescue

by Luke, in Malawi
27th March, 2009

Lee did great today. The Mua Mission is a missionary about 140km from Lilongwe and it does great work with regards to aiding the local community. It has set up a hospital and has also established a cultural centre celebrating the people and culture of Malawi. The bad thing about this is the horrible animal enclosure in the grounds: porcupines in dark damp pits, crocodiles in fetid pools with no access to sunlight, and birds of prey in cramped cages. Horrible and very sad. It has taken Lee two years to start freeing the animals and today he managed to rescue a monkey and a baboon.

As a trade, the LSPCA ran a community dog vaccination programme to help the local people. I managed to get bitten by one the dogs, which was a bit silly, but the dogs are not used to being handled and many were terrified. It wasn’t an aggressive bite, just a please leave me alone bite and I’ll heal fine. Just a reminder to myself that the ‘owners’ of these dogs have no idea how to handle them and I should be a bit more careful. I pulled a huge maggot from one of the animals – it was buried under its skin and Richard was amazing in his stoical and caring approach to the cases. The team went to do a vaccination clinic and ended up with a cat (bilateral squamous cell carcinoma on its ear tips), a sick puppy and a dog with a  broken leg. Richard set the leg at the mission and is going back to recheck it in a couple of months, the cat and the puppy though came back with us. Never straight forward!!

When we finally got back – I dropped Adam, Marc and Nathan back at the chalet. Adam thought he had broken his foot so was cursing fairly frequently, he couldn’t walk so he needed to get that rested.

I headed up to the wildlife sanctuary to give the guys a hand with releasing the blue monkey and baboon in to their new enclosures. It was amazing – the new enclosures were leafy and spacious and I am completely sold on the great works of the LSPCA and Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. It’s been a real privilege to work with these people.

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