Back to the wild

by Luke, in Malawi
25th March, 2009

Up at 5am, packed and a 4 hour drive to Kasungu National Park.


Met two very inspiring people: Andrea and Jane who are research scientists deep in the bush monitoring the release of the baboons back into the wild. It was incredible to see them back in their natural environment after being rescued from horrible conditions (bush meat trade/poaching/zoo confiscations) and then being rehabilitated at the centre ready for release.

This was the first group of baboons the centre has released back into the wild and it really was a privilege to witness the baboons frolicking and playing around. There was a lot of tracking through deep bush and a close encounter with some angry elephants (not friendly as poaching is such a problem in the park). 

Really interesting fact was that they need to train the baboons to be afraid of snakes and birds of prey and they do this with motorised birds and snakes, which they drag along the pens whilst playing baboon alarm calls on a radio so the baboons can learn that these things mean danger.

Great dinner and Marc drove us back – got a front seat so that was a luxury – and back home just before midnight. Found the day really interesting, loved meeting the baboons 2 days ago and inspiring to meet people who are caring and working so hard to protect the wildlife.

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