Cough Medicine

by Luke, in Malawi
24th March, 2009

Adam was coughing like a fiend last night – almost had to smother him, but probably all’s even considering I kept him up the other night by sleep talking. Apparently I was sitting bolt upright in bed having a chat with someone. I’ve told Adam to relax because a) Rambo wouldn’t have been unnerved and b) I was probably going over a piece to camera for the hundredth time for him. Anyway, we’ve got him some Malawian cough medicine so hopefully it will do the trick and he‘ll sleep through anything!

Working with vervet monkeys and baby baboons today. One of the baby baboons took a bit of a shine to me, much to the huge amusement of the crew. I’m trying to look at the positives of having a unique experience not many others will have had. Having that sort of loving affection from a baby baboon wasn’t on my top ten list of must have experiences. At least ‘Bruce Lee’ has started to call me The Talent – he’s getting the hang of it – no irony I’m certain.

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