by Luke, in Malawi
22nd March, 2009

Went to Richard’s house to check on the dog with the pups. She is doing brilliantly. She was really pleased to see us all and definitely raises the spirits. All of us were amazed at how she is recovering. Real joy at seeing her and she was wagging her tail and very content. No swelling and the wound looks great. She is going to make it – I’m so happy about it. It was a bit of an epic today – filming in the supermarket buying her some dog food. I had to do a million takes but the guys were patient as always… 

At the Wildlife centre Lee released the leopard back into its enclosure, and a female vervet monkey was brought in that had just been run over. Sadly the poor thing was dead by the time it arrived.

Party at one of the trustee’s houses tonight (Bev’s): great house, super food and they are a great bunch. Glad of the chance to show off my amazing pool skills and lose about 6 matches in a row – kept the guys happy!

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