Bed Sores

by Adam the Cameraman, in Costa Rica
4th January, 2010

After our gruelling 17 hour or so flight from London, we finally made it to Costa Rica. Despite the bumpy ride, the lack of in-flight entertainment and not so great service, we all felt relieved and happy to be in San Jose, ready for the last adventure of them all. We have no idea what we are up against.

We stayed in some roadside hotel before making our way up the mountain, past Heredia to a dog sanctuary where Luke was to get his stripes before being able to operate in the country. I have to say some of the scenery was breathtaking.

We have all woken up with bed sores and stiff backs. The four of us had to share two rooms with bunkbeds. Ermmm!! I can’t remember the last time I slept in one of those. Not that I am one to complain all the time, but it wasn’t fun, they were damp and hard as nails. I had to get up in the middle of the night and sleep on the couch in the living room which was slightly softer.

I was glad when the day was over, Luke got his stripes and we headed off down south to Manuel Antonio, which lies on the Pacific Ocean near Queso. It was s great drive as Marc playing cracking tunes on his ipod all the way down there. The vibe is good. I think its going to be a cracking trip!

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