Getting Hotter

by Luke, in Costa Rica
7th January, 2010

Today was a big drive further down south – it is absolutely scorching – mid thirties and whilst I do my best not to sweat, I am absolutely dripping all the time. Lovely for the camera. I’m actually a bit beyond caring at this stage in the series, but I look like I am in a sauna, which to be honest, is how it feels.


The Pacific is amazing, we even had time for a quick dip this afternoon after our four hour drive to get here – all work, work, work I know. We’re staying at Zancudo lodge courtesy of Greg who runs the place and has very generously given us our rooms for free. If you are into sport fishing – this is the place as it is a mecca for serious fishermen.
fish Tomorrow is a big day – Noah’s birthday back home so looking forward to ringing home and doing my best happy birthday song down the phone (we have the party when I get back so that will be brilliant) and I am off to the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary to help Carol Crews and her team and learn about the great work they are doing there. Going to be a good day.

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