Chris makes a new friend

by Luke, in Costa Rica
6th January, 2010

Chris is officially diseased – massive tick on his arm – much to his horror – and so we are now having to quarantine him. It was also one of those really nasty ones that buries incredibly deeply into your skin, sucking out your life force – or so I told him. I think he appreciated my candour.
Big day – we are near Guapil – that should make our location clearer. I have become an equine vet apparently and word has spread I am here to treat lots of horses. All good stuff. Went through a castration with a local farmer – they castrate the stallions here using ropes – enough said. Hopefully, given him a few tips and it went well. Big stallion and hardly broken, but the locals are natural horsemen and the horse was incredibly trusting. I knocked him down so everyone could see what I was doing and thankfully it went like clockwork.
Must go and have a good scrub because I’ve been standing near Chris and don’t want to catch anything.

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