“Rock And Roll”

by Nathan the Assistant Producer, in Uganda
13th December, 2009

It’s been a strange day as I’ve felt full of energy all day long – how strange is that? I might even go as far to say that I haven’t felt tired. This might have something to do with the fact that I got my best night of sleep since I got out here. We’re staying in tented accommodation, but this isn’t some windswept, rain drenched, faeces spewed Glastonbury experience (pretty much my only experience of sleeping in a tent as it goes). No, this is a luxury, double-bedded, hot water, clean sheets, and very much better than a hotel experience. The fact that we are sleeping in fresh air feels amazing, but the highlight for me has to be the hot water bottles that are put in our beds whilst we are having dinner (and what makes them even more special is the fact that the hot water bottle covers have flags of the world on them ­– tonight I have New Zealand). Wow…

Anyway, the thing is today has been full of energy and I have to lend a hand of applause to one Luke Gamble who has exerted himself “to the max”. He’s been “in the zone” at the community day delving into his “bag of power” to help over a hundred sick animals (cows, dogs, goats and pigs) and treating even more animals for common problems like worms and ticks. And when the car tyre blew on our way this morning we filmed Luke changing the wheel on his own much to his dismay, but he managed to get that “in the bag” eventually. All in all it has been a “nails” day, very much “hardcore” and the thank you letter he received from the farmers’ society was definitely “cool beans”. Yet, despite Luke’s “heroics” the crew (myself included) decided it was more fun to pick on the fact that none of the farmers understood anything Luke said (“to the max”, “in the bag” etc.) Poor Luke Gamble, you work your socks off and all you get is mocked ­– it sure is lonely out in front of the camera.


We’re off to see the gorillas tomorrow and I can’t wait. I’m getting a nice early night in my luxury tent as we “make shapes” and “rock and roll” first thing in the morning.

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